About Organizers

About Organizers:

Rescue Shipping & Investment Agency Ltd, is an indigenous Ghanaian Limited Liability company with freight forwarding and commodity trade as its core business. We are a TOTAL LOGISTICS COMPANY. Rescue Shipping is the MOTHER organization to GITFIC, RESCUE EXPRESS, 


 and RESCUE INFO-SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. Rescue Shipping undertakes the following;

• Freight Forwarding
• Customs Clearance
• Warehousing
• Haulage
• Import & Export
• Bulk Cargo
• Project Cargo
• Courier
• Technological Support
Rescue Shipping is the mother umbrella body to the following subsidiaries;

• Asigaame.com

 (Asigaame is an ecommerce establishment where ordinary people can buy and sell their products. Asigaame seeks to overtake global giants like Amazon and Alibaba by 2025.)

• Rescue Express (Rescue Express is a courier subsidiary that complements the ecommerce. It offers free delivery of items purchased to the final consumer/buyer. Rescue Express also offers dispatch and courier services to the general public at specific rates.)

• RescueMe App (RescueMe App is a free to use public service app that assists the ordinary Ghanaian citizen reach quicker to emergency response agencies like the Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, Dispatch, Towing Services and etc… Our app is fast and easy to use. It is good for tourist and the indigenous citizens as well)

To achieve an accelerated growth and over take global giants by 2025, we are currently seeking some strategic expansion. We are currently on the market seeking investment in terms of DEBT/EQUITY. Interest corporate bodies and persons are welcomed to engage us. First Banc Financial Services have been appointed to lead in this venture.


As Professional Freight Forwarders, we have come to a definite understanding that we are FACILITATORS OF TRADE. We say this with much emphasis on the fact that, the entire supply chain is done by the FREIGHT FORWARDER. Right from the point of purchase, to parceling and dropping off at the warehouse/freight service center all the way to lifting the consignment into the vessel, vessel’s arrival at final point of destination, customs clearance procedures right down to gating, hauling into the consignee’s warehouse is all FACILITATED by a FREIGHT FORWARDER.

If this is the case, then we also have a mandate of BRIDGING TRADING GAPS globally. We have today become an important stakeholder between the private sector and governments in every economy. We are equally affected by any little economic crunch that befalls both the private sector and their respective governments. To this, we decided to have a direct say first by bringing together Businesses and Companies, top level executives right down to the common factory worker in almost all sectors of an economy to gather annual and conference on trending issues within the sector and create business opportunities for these Businesses and Companies. By doing so, we will not only be affecting their core-existence positively but we will be helping them in profit maximization and knowing the Do’s and Dont’s in current trends within the sectors they find themselves.

So far, we have been able to achieve this immensely over the last years since GITFIC accepted the mantle and challenge to do this. BRIDGING TRADE GAPS and helping to facility FINANCE to these trading activities have become a HALLMARK of our brand. GITFIC is here to stay and its here to assist in the TRADE & FINANCE INDUSTRY. You wont want to miss GITFIC2019 @AddisAbaba. We have cooked something just for you!

Selasi Koffi Ackom

Chief Executive Officer
Rescue Shipping & Investment Agency Ltd
Rescue Express
Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference CEO@www.gitfic.com