The entire 2DAY conference will be focused on indigenous SOLUTION-DRIVING and topical issues. Egypt will handle topical intra-trade issues citing the Northern African zone as a case-study whilst Namibia does same for Eastern Africa. South Africa will take turns to present a true story of doing business and acquiring funding in the SADA zones for Ghanaian business persons. Ghana will of cause take turn to do same for the Western African countries.Other speakers from both Trade & Finance backgrounds will present SOLUTION-DRIVEN analytical messages. AGI, GIFF, AU, ADB, Malaysia, FIATA Vice president and other VIP dignitaries with in-depth knowledge on TRADE & FINANCE issues will take turns. This 2DAY conference is also expected to bring together delegates from all regions of the world to expose them to trade sector opportunities, alternative finance options and latest trends in trading with Ghana, Africa and Asia.

Kindly call or email us to book a seat now. We only have limited seats for GITFIC2018 and its almost running out. Confirmed Speakers so far: Day 1EU Ambassador (YET TO CONFIRM)- Egyptian Ambassador- Namibian Ambassador- Mexican Ambassador- South African Head of Trade Day2- AGI president- CEO of Venture Capital Trust Fund FIATA VICE PRESIDENT CUSTOMS – ASSIST. COMMISSIONER IMPORT & EXPORT- Executive Chairman of Heritage Securities Ltd- 2 deputy Head of Trade, Netherlands Embassy GITFIC<br /> is poised to serve the interest of your businesses, companies, <br />factories and you as an individual. Creating an avenue for your <br />businesses to explore new investment opportunities + capital is our <br />priority. Being informed and educated on new business trends and <br />practices is a hallmark we are striving at. It has always been about you<br /> the CEO, COO, OWNER, DIRECTOR, TOP MANAGERIAL PERSON right down to the <br />EMPLOYEE. Kindly book a seat now. Choose your payment mode from any of <br />the three options we share last week. Regards @RESCUETEAM+233