On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to present a piece of the New Address for Accra: ” Accra – Commercial Capital for Africa ” to the Minister for Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration via his Deputy Hon. Mohammed Habibu Tijani.

The 4th Ghana International Trade and Finance Conference together with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Association of Ghana Industry declared Accra the Commercial of Africa and this was dutifully done by the Senior Minister of the Republic of Ghana who represented his Excellency the President and several Industry Titans.

GITFIC is currently gearing up to commence a 34 cities visitation across Africa to present same, hold round table meetings with city Mayor’s in these countries and stamp the Authority of this new address as charged by Hon. Osafo-Maafo on behalf of His Excellency. Our line of programs will also include; attracting investments into the city and country at large from various sectors.

… but firstly, we will adequately present these Crystal Precious Assets to Corporate Ghana and lobby their participation with the upcoming Continental Programs.

GITFIC is solely a PRIVATE ENTITY! with support from Industry Actors and State Entities!