About Organizers

About Organizers:

GITFiC has for almost a decade proved its ability to bring together business executives, policy makers and subject matter experts from all over the world to articulate ways of enhancing inter Africa trade, regional integration, trade liberalization, trade policies and practices of the African continent and notably to turn talks into actions. Due to our stellar reputation and equally impressive attention to detail over the past 7 years, GITFiC is credited to organizing the Annual International Conference on Trade, Finance, Trade Finance and Logistics which has transformed into a Pan-African Conference with support from various agencies both in the public (BoG, MoT, MoF, etc.), private sector industries, commercial banks and organizations including the Association of Ghana Industries and international organization such as GIZ. The unique feature of this annual conference and seminars is its ability to dialogue on sharing experience, knowledge, education et al surrounding the AfCFTA, Trade, Trade-Finance, Finance and Logistics. These dialogues are strictly experience sharing to brainstorm as means of advancing the conversations on the various topical issues within the AfCFTA for better clarity and smooth sailing, which we are up to task. We are a policy research and advocacy based institution with both government and private sector interest and support.

In 2017, the Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference (GITFIC) held its maiden Conference in Accra at the Alisa Hotel in collaboration with the Private Enterprise Federation under the theme; Trade, Freight and Finance and the 2018 conferences was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade & Industry of Ghana at the Best Western Premium Hotel in Accra.

In 2019, the Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference (GITFIC) held its third major Conference in Addis Ababa at the AU Headquarters, Ethiopia in partnership with the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations with a host of issues addressed including :. “The role of intra Continental Free Trade Agreement”; “Equity Finance & Investment Financing in Africa”; “The need for Capital Market in Ethiopia and the way forward”; “The role of African Private Sector in Green Economy; The Case of Ghana” among other interesting topics.

In 2020, the Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference (GITFIC) held its fourth major Conference in Accra in partnership with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Association of Ghana Industry where ACCRA was officially declared the COMMERCIAL CAPITAL OF AFRICA in lieu of the AfCFTA under the theme: Optimizing AfCFTA for Africans; the Strategic Role of Logistics Infrastructure.

The 5th Conference which was held in 2021, with strict observation of all COVID 19 protocols, saw Panelists and Participants from Central Banks in Africa; the Central Bank of Francophone West Africa, Central Bank of Francophone Central Africa, African Development Bank, ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development, Central Bank of Namibia, African Union Commissioner for Trade, Industry, and Mining, West African Monetary Institute, United States Ambassador to Ghana, Kenyan Ambassador to Ghana, Namibian Ambassador to Ghana, Mexican Ambassador to Ghana, Business Community of Africa, amongst a tall list of dignitaries from 6 African countries. The Vice President of the Republic of Ghana was the most special guest of honor. He sat in for the President of Ghana.

The 6th Conference was equally held in Accra; Ghana’s commercial capital. High profile dignitaries such as MasterCard, Swift, AfDB, Mowali, African Union, Ecowas Bank, West African Development Bank, Trade Commission, West African Monetary Institute, Governments and Trade Ministers, and the Business Community of Africa took turns to articulate ways and means of enhancing intra African trade through the AfCFTA. Participants from 11 countries attended the 6th conference.

Topic for day1; Towards an Effective and Efficient Mobile Money Transactional Penetrations in Africa; A Catalyst to solving Cross Border Payment & Settlement, an Anticipated-Barrier within the AfCFTA; – The Role of Financial Regulators and Stakeholders.

Topic for Day 2i also discussed; Measuring the Acceptability and Adaptation Level of the AfCFTA on the African Continent a Year after Implementation of the 1st Phase;- Where do we stand in terms of Trade in Goods, Trade in Service, and Dispute Resolution Protocols (Policy Direction)

Topic for Day 2ii discussed; Leveraging on the pillars of Trade-Finance – A catalyst for Industrial Growth and Acceleration Post Pandemic; the Role of Payment, Financing, Risk Mitigation and Access to Information.

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Selasi Koffi Ackom

Chief Executive Officer
– Ghana International Trade & Finance Conference – GITFiC


Email: ceo@gitfic.com