Endorsement video from the African Union; H.E Albert M. Muchanga – AU Commissioner for Economic Development, Trade, Industry and Tourism

Actualising the African Economic Vision;- A Practical Handbook on the AfCFTA

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The establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in 2018 marked a significant step forward in the economic integration efforts for Africa. The prospects of the AfCFTA have received growing interest in international trade policy, particularly, due to the high level of commitment shown by the contracting parties to the AfCFTA Agreement. Long after Africa’s political independence, the time for economic independence is here; all hands should be on deck to make this successful.

This handbook is composed by the Ghana International Trade and Finance Conference (GITFiC) to enhance the sensitisation and the understanding of the AfCFTA framework in a more simplified form. The themes discussed in the handbook cover the fundamental aspects of the AfCFTA. The handbook is principally tailored for the business community in Africa. The African Union has recommended it for Africa’s educational system too. There are 10 chapters in all, including the PAPSS – Pan-African Payment and Settlement System.

Hopefully, investors, traders, players in the private and public sectors, researchers, and students across Africa, and beyond will find this handbook useful and as a source of reference. This book is indigenously AFRICAN.

The book is in English and French languages.

The Ghana Publishing Company Limited will be in charge of printouts.