The primary objectives of the conference are to:
1. Create a knowledge forum for the African policy makers to discuss challenges faced in the regulations of the Cross Border Payment & Settlement System;
2. Share experiences on the financial integration by the existing Mobile Money Penetration;
3. Explore ways of facilitating financial integration by enabling Mobile Money Penetration flows, however not at the expense of regional and national financial stability and integrity.

Key outputs will comprise:
1. The sharing of information on financial integration through Cross-Border Payments and Settlement Systems and related regulatory issues among African policymakers, regulators, mobile money service providers, commercial banks, and other related stakeholders;
2. Improve knowledge about the challenges and opportunities for supporting Cross-Border Payments and Settlement Systems in Africa;
3. Increase awareness among participants regarding the importance of the sound regulation for Cross-Border Payments and Settlement Systems and regional financial integration;
4. Agreed consensus on a strategic approach of financial institutions in supporting regional mobile money payments regulation in African Economic Communities and their member states;
5. A report of the conference proceedings and recommendations for consideration by appropriate institutions, organizations, and strategic partners.

The conference will bring together key stakeholders from African countries, Regional Economic Communities, Regional Central Banks, specialized regional institutions, including representatives of Central Banks, National Telecom Authorities, selected participants from the private sector (banks, mobile money service providers, telecom operators, platform operators, and micro-financial institutions), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), as well as bilateral and multilateral organizations representatives.

The conference will discuss national and regional trends in digital payment platforms development with a focus on opportunities for financial integration, and challenges for sound regulation. The discussion will take the form of presentations and panel discussions to facilitate effective participation and learning from each other. Participants will be at liberty to make interventions on issues raised by presenters and discussants. The working language for the workshop will be English with a simultaneous interpretation into French and vice versa.

The conference will last for two days, with a focus on some topics of significance such as:
Day One: First Panel
Topic: Towards an Effective and Efficient Mobile Money Transactional Penetration in Africa; A Catalyst to solving Cross Border Payment & Settlement, an Anticipated-Barrier within the AfCFTA;- The Role of Financial Regulators and Stakeholders.

Expected Panelists
Central Banks
Top Official from Swift
Top Official from VISA
Top Official from Mastercard

Second Panel
Topic: Citing the case of Mowali and the Pan African and Settlement System, Is the elimination of Cross Border Payment Barrier a reality or far from ending?

Expected Panelists
Chief Executive Officer; Mowali
Director-General of WAMI
Top Official from the African Development Bank
Top Official from the Ecowas Bank for Investment and Development

Day Two
Topic: Measuring the Acceptability and Adaptation Level of the AfCFTA on the African Continent a Year after Implementation of the 1st Phase;- Where do we stand in terms of Trade in Goods, Trade in Service, and Dispute Resolution Protocols

Expected Panelists
Trade & Industry Minister from for (4) African Countries
Chief Trade Negotiators from four (4) African Countries